Video Portfolio

House of Diamonds Testimonials

Opening Video for House of Diamonds Website.  visit:


End of the World Promotion for a Church Sermon Series for 2012:

Simple personal promotion video.  This video creation was done through an online program
that when mixed with interesting shots actually has some good content.
Professional Bass Fisherman Adam Kaltenbach

Simple video shoot for Promotion on location.  Video below is for Oliver’s Pizzeria and Randy Santel.
Sometimes a simple video works great to get the word out about upcoming events.

BarNone Training Lenexa, Ks.  This was a video with footage given to me by business owner.  It isn’t
high definition but if it is jazzed up a bit in a simple editor with the right eye it can turn out rather good.

Custom Templates do take a lot more time and money.  When finished a one of a kind video does
wonders for any business.  Below is a template created with my partner with ReelStream Films:

Another Dynamic Custom Template below:

As you can tell we enjoy what we do and creativity plays a key roll.

Call us today to discuss your project.


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