What is a “Video Outro” & how can it help with SEO?

Well you just never know what curve ball will be thrown next.  Yes the algorithms
keep changing for Google and YouTube so how in the world can a business get ahead?

Aw yes Danielson, sometimes the cut worm thanks the plow…. What?  Yes, it can be
all confusing trying to follow it all.  So let’s see if I can help out.

CONTENT IS KING! In order for YouTube to funnel out your potential information to
Google they want to make sure people are going to watch it.  So YouTube decided to really
track the number of views along with “The amount of TIME” people are willing to watch.

So flash forward to a typical Google Search for House Painters.  If there are 2 videos tagged
the same and listed with the same Keyword title which will receive the LOVE of Google ranking?
Quality of how much time each video has built up.

Example:  1 video is 2 minutes long and has an average viewership of 1 min. the video has a 50%
viewership rating.  Competitor’s video is 10 minutes and average viewer hangs on for 2 minutes
has a 20% rating.  Video number 2 has a better shot at ranking above the video 1.

So how can a business increase their minutes and time on their videos?
“Video Outro”  Is this the correct term?  Not sure but you get the point.  Upon completing
a video project adding a “Video Outro” increases the funnel for a viewer to see what else
a business might have to offer.
Thus increasing time and creating a better viewer base with more subscriptions.

Think of an Outro as a Graphic slide with boxes to incorporate other videos to click on.
This “Funnel” can be used to guide potential clients and customers to more content that you have produced.
When done correctly it can be a huge benefit to overall Video SEO ranking.  Also adding “Annotations” with
other possible linking helps drive viewers to Subscribe and to “Like” your video which never hurts to
show if the video has quality content.

Here is a short video I did explaining my new slide to my social network asking them to comment.

As Video SEO changes and more emphasis is made on content businesses must learn
to provide quality content and keep each potential viewer as long as possible.  Are you tracking your
viewer results and bounce rates?  Are you building a solid audience?

2013 will be a year full of additional changes & as a hint: “MOBILE Video” will be all the buzz.
Start transforming your business now.

I hope I was able to help with a quick no frills post.  As always feel free to contact me at


What video camera should you use for your business or blog?

I probably have this question asked of me at least once a week now.  When I first started
shooting video in 2009 on a “Social” basis I used my cell phone with 1 Megapixel resolution.
I shared with the world my different journeys across the United States.  Although it was
able to convey the message the quality was horrible and editing on the fly was very difficult.

As technology has changed so have we all.  Still video is intimidating but has become easier.
Now more then ever video needs to play a roll in any business marketing plan.  So the skills
must be learned and implemented.  The question turns to, “What should I use to start out?”

I decided to shoot a simply no frills video showing you a simple Video Camera I started with,
Kodak Playsport.  I really love this video camera for on the go action.  New versions have since
come out so keep an eye out for them as they change.  I hope this gives you a different perspective
on what you should look for when starting to make your own videos.

This video shows picture differences and sound quality.

Now to have an idea what you can do with the Kodak Playsport.  The video below was entirely shot
with a Playsport and some imagination.  Video was made for Sherwin Williams and one of their
Bucket Sales Promotions.  The point is, it doesn’t always depend on the video camera it is the creativity
of an idea to really drive traffic.  I believe it turned out great and I was thanked by many of the upper
management of Sherwin Williams.  Your limitations are simply placed on yourself, so step out of
the box.

As always if you need any recommendations or a little help don’t hesitate to contact us.
Also if you are simply struggling to implement a video marketing plan don’t throw in the towel
just take a step back and have some fun or simply give us a call.

Now the dreaded plug: Please share at will…It gives me motivation to keep coming up
with ideas on additional posts.

Dare to Dream

How to build a Viral BUZZ! A very unique marketing idea using only Social Media.

Many businesses are struggling with some sort of marketing idea that will
drive traffic and involve potential customers. Can this be done using only
Social Media? (Texting Campaign, Twitter, Simple Splash Page, and Facebook.)

Answer: YES.

Recently I was blessed to be able to work with Gene Cullinane owner of House of Diamonds.
After several conversations with Gene I listened to his goals for something original
and creative for Valentines Day that would involve customers with his store.
After a few sleepless nights the idea came to me and CUPIDS CACHE was born.

Idea was simple. A modern day treasure hunt involving a little known recreational
activity called Geo-Caching. If you are not familiar, it is an underground little treasure
hunt for little (Caches) located every where. There are millions of them. Do a Google
search for a fun family activity.

Ok back to the idea: House of Diamonds created a “Cache” (Little Treasure) for Valentines Day.
$200 gift certificate to any restaurant of choice, Limo service to and from dinner, $250 CASH,
and Diamond Stud Earrings. Total Value: $3,000.

To PLAY: The only way to know about the contest was through word of mouth using
Facebook posts, Twitter, and Texting Campaigns.  Each day a clue was given with hidden details to
location.  Also we handed out cards with QR Codes to the website and how to participate.  Growth was
exponential and grew really quick.  People from all over Kansas City quickly were involved even
though the goal was to keep most people local to generate traffic to the store.

To generate a little fun and viral component I
put an ad on Craigslist to hire a Little Person to
be a Cupid for a video that contained Clues.

The response was bigger then I could have
expected. Little people called and called to
be part of the videos. There is a whole story
with craigslist posts which was funny.
Participants were encouraged to watch the video to gain clues on
locations for the Cache;  To see the simple unimpressive wordpress site for details of promotion.
I wanted to show a business doesn’t need a fancy website to get results. So we put very
little time and effort into a free wordpress page.

The most impressive was the Viral Component and how quickly it was shared through
many of the social mediums.  Just the Facebook Reach was into the 100’s of thousands.

Wanting to build the texting campaign and capturing all the phone numbers
possible for future promotions.  We incentivized those following with
text clues that would be given at noon everyday.  Clues would then be listed
a couple hours later on Facebook, Twitter and website.  This way we could generate a
way to gather contact information. Those wanting clues the fastest naturally joined
the texting campaign.  Our fall out rate was less then 1% and we still have that
database of phone numbers to this day.

Gene couldn’t keep up with all the phone calls into the store and his cell phone.
So we had to ask participants to follow on Facebook to increase his Likes on his page.
As people kept talking, Gene decided to pour even more gasoline on the fire and
offered another $1,000 CASH to anyone that found Cupid’s Cache by Monday when store
opened again.  Gene later had to pay the money when
a small team of 4 spent almost 2 solid days and nights in rain to find the Cache on
accident. See video on the of the winners.

I will say it was a lot of fun and everyone is asking when we will do the next
promotion.  When the time comes we will have a jump start with all the contacts
from our texting campaign.

The amount of time for the concept, printing, video creation, editing, clue writing, and
making sure people remained safe was larger then we anticipated, but the results
were very impressive.

Marketing has changed.  Consumers want to be engaged in different ways.
Social Media can be a wonderful tool when paired with a fun creative event.
Many businesses though just continue to pour out bad offers and coupons to see
if they can generate traffic.  Stop and think outside the box.

There are many aspects to Cupid’s Cache that were a huge success and many
others we are improving on right now.  Right now picture a HUGE version of this
concept.  We at Ignite Media Marketing are working on one of our biggest marketing ideas
for Kansas City businesses.  Details hope to be revealed very soon.

Remember in today’s marketing world utilize Video, SEO, Social Media with a splash
of creativity and you too can stand out in a very loud and hectic world.

Thanks for reading.  Shameless PLUG: Please Google+ and Share this blog post.

Todd Konitzer
Ignite Media Marketing Guru if you want a different
perspective to market your business.

Video SEO? (Are your videos getting results? OR do they suck?) Clue: Relevant Content

I decided to shake things up a bit.  I have been asked a few times on what to do when shooting a
video for a business.  So logically I grabbed my video cameras and headed to a median on a
busy intersection to share my thoughts.

Are your videos creating traffic?  Are you creating content that potential customers want to watch?
Are you telling “Your Story” of your business and how you are different? OR do your videos just
plane suck?


With the addition of G+ and the new changes
to Google search engine Relevance should be
the Keyword in all videos you are making today.

As your relevance increases so should the results
of your SEO marketing campaigns.

Do not sell short coming up with creative ideas
to tell your story and what your business has to

So with this knowledge take the time and experiment.  Remember keep your videos short
2-3 minutes and try and make sure not to go over 5 minutes.  Attention spans are short so
get to the point and answer the specific question people are google searching.

If you are wanting to see how this works.  Take the time and Google search a couple key
words I have worked with:  How to replace a Brick Mould? Cheap Mattresses Green Bay.

You will find the keyword search: Cheap Mattress Green Bay we utilized a simple slide
video.  The purpose for that video was to show warehouse in a craigslist ad.  Other videos
use same idea but answer a simple question. You will find the videos are simple but have
been VERY effective over the last 2 years.

Remember this process will take practice but will slowly get easier.  We at Ignite Media
Marketing generally start with 5 essential videos when starting a new business Video
SEO campaign.  I will take time to explain the importance of this in a later blog post.

As always we are happy to help.  Thank you for your support.
Please share and hit +1 button.  (Shameless plug)

More to come soon,
Todd Konitzer

Sometimes all a business needs for marketing is a little…. BUZZ

I know what you are thinking.  There is no way a little Buzz Lightyear could turn a business around.

The fact is many business owners have forgotten the art of creating buzz to get people talking about them.
Oh they try coupons maybe throw some big wavy air men that move up and down.  It’s all stuff that used to
work.  What is missing?  Why don’t people flock in by the hundreds?

The world has changed.  We are preoccupied with our phones and quite frankly we have seen some amazing
things like flash mobs.  I love a good flash mob.  It catches people off guard and creates people watching
and sharing with their friends.  You see the big picture now?

I love BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. No matter
what the issue he was there to fight
the good fight.  “To Infinity and Beyond!”

I see many business owners just go to work
in their business and lose that zeal to get the
job done.  The passion is missing.  Kicked in
the teeth one too many times.

So when someone like me steps up and says
“Hey I have a fun crazy idea.” They don’t know
what to say.  Most want to reach out and be
excited but forgot how.

What does this look like in a business setting?
Most of us know that VIDEO is one of the fastest growing components of Marketing in 2012.  More people are
using their phones for searches and sharing viral things going on currently.  So if you can capture that in an
off the wall idea the business wins.

EXAMPLE: A couple of years ago a local Sherwin Williams Store Manager was wanting to do something
to stand out for their annual “Bucket Sale”  They had an idea for a “Bucket Man” to dance by the road.
I said let’s take it to the extreme and this video was made: Sherwin Williams Bucket Sale

The best part while making the video.  They had no idea on why I was having them do what they
were doing.  They had no music and had very little dance skills.  Good team building.
The video has now over 4000 hits and used in Sherwin Williams training videos across the USA on
how to promote their stores individually.

Granted the video was not my best work and we used a small Kodak Playsport to shoot the video, but
the impact was very surprising. Remember you don’t need a camera worth $1000’s. More on this in
upcoming blog posts.

So my POINT.  Take the time and start being creative again.  Be willing to risk a little. Think how
you can use a short video to create a BUZZ in your business.  Ask your 20 somethings working in
your business for ideas or things they have seen that you could implement. CREATIVITY is a precious
commodity in the world we are in right now.  So seize it and bring a little Buzz to your business.

Have a blessed day.
Dare to Dream
Todd Konitzer

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I feel like I am being let lose…look out.

After so many years I have been silent with my creative ideas.  Now as a new beginning is
right around the corner things are about to change.  I will share these ideas with the world.

So to all of you finding this blog area now think how lucky you are to be here in the beginning.

Couple of things or ground rules.  I suck and spelling and my grammer is probably going to be full of
problems.  Here is the brilliant thing about creativity, it doesn’t matter!  The world is full of people that
can edit content but those same people have never thought of an original idea in their life.

So to seize the thought of realizing how I was created with a unique odd gift of thinking outside
the box while taking risks is wonderful.  Let others try an edit what I have to say.

Next you will find out quickly it’s ok to possibly be wrong about an opinion as long as you can see it and
be willing to make corrections.  I do this all the time.  I tend to be a tad opinionated but will be the
first to ask for forgiveness when boundaries are crossed.  So all that being said we are off to the races!

In the next few months we will all see some crazy, fun and exciting things as I share & develop some of
marketing ideas.

Motto: Dare to Dream
Todd Konitzer



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