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What is a “Video Outro” & how can it help with SEO?

Well you just never know what curve ball will be thrown next.  Yes the algorithms
keep changing for Google and YouTube so how in the world can a business get ahead?

Aw yes Danielson, sometimes the cut worm thanks the plow…. What?  Yes, it can be
all confusing trying to follow it all.  So let’s see if I can help out.

CONTENT IS KING! In order for YouTube to funnel out your potential information to
Google they want to make sure people are going to watch it.  So YouTube decided to really
track the number of views along with “The amount of TIME” people are willing to watch.

So flash forward to a typical Google Search for House Painters.  If there are 2 videos tagged
the same and listed with the same Keyword title which will receive the LOVE of Google ranking?
Quality of how much time each video has built up.

Example:  1 video is 2 minutes long and has an average viewership of 1 min. the video has a 50%
viewership rating.  Competitor’s video is 10 minutes and average viewer hangs on for 2 minutes
has a 20% rating.  Video number 2 has a better shot at ranking above the video 1.

So how can a business increase their minutes and time on their videos?
“Video Outro”  Is this the correct term?  Not sure but you get the point.  Upon completing
a video project adding a “Video Outro” increases the funnel for a viewer to see what else
a business might have to offer.
Thus increasing time and creating a better viewer base with more subscriptions.

Think of an Outro as a Graphic slide with boxes to incorporate other videos to click on.
This “Funnel” can be used to guide potential clients and customers to more content that you have produced.
When done correctly it can be a huge benefit to overall Video SEO ranking.  Also adding “Annotations” with
other possible linking helps drive viewers to Subscribe and to “Like” your video which never hurts to
show if the video has quality content.

Here is a short video I did explaining my new slide to my social network asking them to comment.

As Video SEO changes and more emphasis is made on content businesses must learn
to provide quality content and keep each potential viewer as long as possible.  Are you tracking your
viewer results and bounce rates?  Are you building a solid audience?

2013 will be a year full of additional changes & as a hint: “MOBILE Video” will be all the buzz.
Start transforming your business now.

I hope I was able to help with a quick no frills post.  As always feel free to contact me at