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What video camera should you use for your business or blog?

I probably have this question asked of me at least once a week now.  When I first started
shooting video in 2009 on a “Social” basis I used my cell phone with 1 Megapixel resolution.
I shared with the world my different journeys across the United States.  Although it was
able to convey the message the quality was horrible and editing on the fly was very difficult.

As technology has changed so have we all.  Still video is intimidating but has become easier.
Now more then ever video needs to play a roll in any business marketing plan.  So the skills
must be learned and implemented.  The question turns to, “What should I use to start out?”

I decided to shoot a simply no frills video showing you a simple Video Camera I started with,
Kodak Playsport.  I really love this video camera for on the go action.  New versions have since
come out so keep an eye out for them as they change.  I hope this gives you a different perspective
on what you should look for when starting to make your own videos.

This video shows picture differences and sound quality.

Now to have an idea what you can do with the Kodak Playsport.  The video below was entirely shot
with a Playsport and some imagination.  Video was made for Sherwin Williams and one of their
Bucket Sales Promotions.  The point is, it doesn’t always depend on the video camera it is the creativity
of an idea to really drive traffic.  I believe it turned out great and I was thanked by many of the upper
management of Sherwin Williams.  Your limitations are simply placed on yourself, so step out of
the box.

As always if you need any recommendations or a little help don’t hesitate to contact us.
Also if you are simply struggling to implement a video marketing plan don’t throw in the towel
just take a step back and have some fun or simply give us a call.

Now the dreaded plug: Please share at will…It gives me motivation to keep coming up
with ideas on additional posts.

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