How to build a Viral BUZZ! A very unique marketing idea using only Social Media.

Many businesses are struggling with some sort of marketing idea that will
drive traffic and involve potential customers. Can this be done using only
Social Media? (Texting Campaign, Twitter, Simple Splash Page, and Facebook.)

Answer: YES.

Recently I was blessed to be able to work with Gene Cullinane owner of House of Diamonds.
After several conversations with Gene I listened to his goals for something original
and creative for Valentines Day that would involve customers with his store.
After a few sleepless nights the idea came to me and CUPIDS CACHE was born.

Idea was simple. A modern day treasure hunt involving a little known recreational
activity called Geo-Caching. If you are not familiar, it is an underground little treasure
hunt for little (Caches) located every where. There are millions of them. Do a Google
search for a fun family activity.

Ok back to the idea: House of Diamonds created a “Cache” (Little Treasure) for Valentines Day.
$200 gift certificate to any restaurant of choice, Limo service to and from dinner, $250 CASH,
and Diamond Stud Earrings. Total Value: $3,000.

To PLAY: The only way to know about the contest was through word of mouth using
Facebook posts, Twitter, and Texting Campaigns.  Each day a clue was given with hidden details to
location.  Also we handed out cards with QR Codes to the website and how to participate.  Growth was
exponential and grew really quick.  People from all over Kansas City quickly were involved even
though the goal was to keep most people local to generate traffic to the store.

To generate a little fun and viral component I
put an ad on Craigslist to hire a Little Person to
be a Cupid for a video that contained Clues.

The response was bigger then I could have
expected. Little people called and called to
be part of the videos. There is a whole story
with craigslist posts which was funny.
Participants were encouraged to watch the video to gain clues on
locations for the Cache;  To see the simple unimpressive wordpress site for details of promotion.
I wanted to show a business doesn’t need a fancy website to get results. So we put very
little time and effort into a free wordpress page.

The most impressive was the Viral Component and how quickly it was shared through
many of the social mediums.  Just the Facebook Reach was into the 100’s of thousands.

Wanting to build the texting campaign and capturing all the phone numbers
possible for future promotions.  We incentivized those following with
text clues that would be given at noon everyday.  Clues would then be listed
a couple hours later on Facebook, Twitter and website.  This way we could generate a
way to gather contact information. Those wanting clues the fastest naturally joined
the texting campaign.  Our fall out rate was less then 1% and we still have that
database of phone numbers to this day.

Gene couldn’t keep up with all the phone calls into the store and his cell phone.
So we had to ask participants to follow on Facebook to increase his Likes on his page.
As people kept talking, Gene decided to pour even more gasoline on the fire and
offered another $1,000 CASH to anyone that found Cupid’s Cache by Monday when store
opened again.  Gene later had to pay the money when
a small team of 4 spent almost 2 solid days and nights in rain to find the Cache on
accident. See video on the of the winners.

I will say it was a lot of fun and everyone is asking when we will do the next
promotion.  When the time comes we will have a jump start with all the contacts
from our texting campaign.

The amount of time for the concept, printing, video creation, editing, clue writing, and
making sure people remained safe was larger then we anticipated, but the results
were very impressive.

Marketing has changed.  Consumers want to be engaged in different ways.
Social Media can be a wonderful tool when paired with a fun creative event.
Many businesses though just continue to pour out bad offers and coupons to see
if they can generate traffic.  Stop and think outside the box.

There are many aspects to Cupid’s Cache that were a huge success and many
others we are improving on right now.  Right now picture a HUGE version of this
concept.  We at Ignite Media Marketing are working on one of our biggest marketing ideas
for Kansas City businesses.  Details hope to be revealed very soon.

Remember in today’s marketing world utilize Video, SEO, Social Media with a splash
of creativity and you too can stand out in a very loud and hectic world.

Thanks for reading.  Shameless PLUG: Please Google+ and Share this blog post.

Todd Konitzer
Ignite Media Marketing Guru if you want a different
perspective to market your business.


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