Video SEO? (Are your videos getting results? OR do they suck?) Clue: Relevant Content

I decided to shake things up a bit.  I have been asked a few times on what to do when shooting a
video for a business.  So logically I grabbed my video cameras and headed to a median on a
busy intersection to share my thoughts.

Are your videos creating traffic?  Are you creating content that potential customers want to watch?
Are you telling “Your Story” of your business and how you are different? OR do your videos just
plane suck?


With the addition of G+ and the new changes
to Google search engine Relevance should be
the Keyword in all videos you are making today.

As your relevance increases so should the results
of your SEO marketing campaigns.

Do not sell short coming up with creative ideas
to tell your story and what your business has to

So with this knowledge take the time and experiment.  Remember keep your videos short
2-3 minutes and try and make sure not to go over 5 minutes.  Attention spans are short so
get to the point and answer the specific question people are google searching.

If you are wanting to see how this works.  Take the time and Google search a couple key
words I have worked with:  How to replace a Brick Mould? Cheap Mattresses Green Bay.

You will find the keyword search: Cheap Mattress Green Bay we utilized a simple slide
video.  The purpose for that video was to show warehouse in a craigslist ad.  Other videos
use same idea but answer a simple question. You will find the videos are simple but have
been VERY effective over the last 2 years.

Remember this process will take practice but will slowly get easier.  We at Ignite Media
Marketing generally start with 5 essential videos when starting a new business Video
SEO campaign.  I will take time to explain the importance of this in a later blog post.

As always we are happy to help.  Thank you for your support.
Please share and hit +1 button.  (Shameless plug)

More to come soon,
Todd Konitzer


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