Sometimes all a business needs for marketing is a little…. BUZZ

I know what you are thinking.  There is no way a little Buzz Lightyear could turn a business around.

The fact is many business owners have forgotten the art of creating buzz to get people talking about them.
Oh they try coupons maybe throw some big wavy air men that move up and down.  It’s all stuff that used to
work.  What is missing?  Why don’t people flock in by the hundreds?

The world has changed.  We are preoccupied with our phones and quite frankly we have seen some amazing
things like flash mobs.  I love a good flash mob.  It catches people off guard and creates people watching
and sharing with their friends.  You see the big picture now?

I love BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. No matter
what the issue he was there to fight
the good fight.  “To Infinity and Beyond!”

I see many business owners just go to work
in their business and lose that zeal to get the
job done.  The passion is missing.  Kicked in
the teeth one too many times.

So when someone like me steps up and says
“Hey I have a fun crazy idea.” They don’t know
what to say.  Most want to reach out and be
excited but forgot how.

What does this look like in a business setting?
Most of us know that VIDEO is one of the fastest growing components of Marketing in 2012.  More people are
using their phones for searches and sharing viral things going on currently.  So if you can capture that in an
off the wall idea the business wins.

EXAMPLE: A couple of years ago a local Sherwin Williams Store Manager was wanting to do something
to stand out for their annual “Bucket Sale”  They had an idea for a “Bucket Man” to dance by the road.
I said let’s take it to the extreme and this video was made: Sherwin Williams Bucket Sale

The best part while making the video.  They had no idea on why I was having them do what they
were doing.  They had no music and had very little dance skills.  Good team building.
The video has now over 4000 hits and used in Sherwin Williams training videos across the USA on
how to promote their stores individually.

Granted the video was not my best work and we used a small Kodak Playsport to shoot the video, but
the impact was very surprising. Remember you don’t need a camera worth $1000’s. More on this in
upcoming blog posts.

So my POINT.  Take the time and start being creative again.  Be willing to risk a little. Think how
you can use a short video to create a BUZZ in your business.  Ask your 20 somethings working in
your business for ideas or things they have seen that you could implement. CREATIVITY is a precious
commodity in the world we are in right now.  So seize it and bring a little Buzz to your business.

Have a blessed day.
Dare to Dream
Todd Konitzer

HEY GOOGLE +1 one this post or Share.  Cheap plug but I am trying to create a BUZZ HERE. LOL


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