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I feel like I am being let lose…look out.

After so many years I have been silent with my creative ideas.  Now as a new beginning is
right around the corner things are about to change.  I will share these ideas with the world.

So to all of you finding this blog area now think how lucky you are to be here in the beginning.

Couple of things or ground rules.  I suck and spelling and my grammer is probably going to be full of
problems.  Here is the brilliant thing about creativity, it doesn’t matter!  The world is full of people that
can edit content but those same people have never thought of an original idea in their life.

So to seize the thought of realizing how I was created with a unique odd gift of thinking outside
the box while taking risks is wonderful.  Let others try an edit what I have to say.

Next you will find out quickly it’s ok to possibly be wrong about an opinion as long as you can see it and
be willing to make corrections.  I do this all the time.  I tend to be a tad opinionated but will be the
first to ask for forgiveness when boundaries are crossed.  So all that being said we are off to the races!

In the next few months we will all see some crazy, fun and exciting things as I share & develop some of
marketing ideas.

Motto: Dare to Dream
Todd Konitzer